Arts Program

All students participate in Visual Art, Dance, Music, Theatre and Creative Movement. Students in 4th and 5th grade select an Arts Major for the 2nd semester, in preparation for their role of choice in our live musical production! See below for some snippets from our 2019 production of Lion King, Kids! and our 2022 production of Willy Wonka, Kids!




Instrumental Music

All students in grades 3-5 have the opportunity to sign up for an instrument. Students may borrow an AAECS-owned instrument or we will lease on for you, at no cost to our families.

Instrumental MusicInstrumental Music 1Instrumental Music 2Instrumental Music 3Instrumental Music 4Instrumental Music 5Instrumental Music 6Instrumental Music 7Instrumental Music 8Instrumental Music 9Instrumental Music 10Instrumental Music 11Instrumental Music 12



Mrs. Hnatowicz's Site


AAECS students win the HNL Art Contest!







All students have Theatre in grades K-5 participate in Creative Movement, an arts program unique to AAECS! Students engage in basic gymnastics, learning movement, balance and creative expression. This class includes lessons in Mindfulness, teaching students to recognize how their emotions impact their physical being and teaches strategies for students to manage, process and express their feelings.

Creative MovementCreative Movement 1Creative Movement 2Creative Movement 3Creative Movement 4Creative Movement 5Creative Movement 6Creative Movement 7Creative Movement 8