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See the bottom of this page for more information about our Enrollment Process.  

Enrollment Process

As a charter school, we accept all Pennsylvania students. There is no audition or interview required. To register or to be added to a wait list, parents must apply either online or by contacting the school to apply in-person. When applying, parents must provide a valid state identification card with photo (such as driver's license), proof of residency and the child's birth certificate. The number and types of proofs of residency vary by the child's resident district. Check their enrollment website for details.

Pre-lottery applications for the 2024-2025 school year are accepted until March 15, 2024. If at that time, there are more applications than available seats, a public lottery will be held to randomly select those which will be offered immediate registration. Applicants are pulled in the following order:

1. Siblings of students who are currently enrolled at AAECS and who live at the same address as the AAECS sibling in Allentown School District receive first preference. If there are more siblings than openings at a grade level, a sibling lottery takes place.

2. Students who reside in Allentown School District.

3. Siblings of students currently enrolled at AAECS who reside in a district other than Allentown School District.

4. Students residing in a district other than Allentown School District.

Applicants who were not pulled for the lottery are assigned a wait list number, to be called to register when a seat becomes available.


Once the initial waitlist is assembled (post-lottery), all applications are added to the waitlist by district and grade level in order they are received. Prospective students are  assigned a waitlist number and contacted according to as seats become available. 

After notice that your child has been admitted, families will need to bring immunization records, updated proofs of residency and other educational records, such as a current report card for student entering grades 1-5, special education documents or other information parents wish to share. Physicals and dental examinations are also required and vary by year. Visit our Health Services website for more information.

Board Policies

Admission of Students

Students Experiencing Homelessness, Foster Care and Other Educational Instability Code

Students experiencing homelessness may be granted exceptions to the enrollment process to provide continuity of learning. See Student Experiencing Homelessness or contact our McKinney Vento Liaison, Mrs. Nancy Geyer at 610-841-4560 or [email protected]

Call 610-841-4560 or email [email protected] if you have any questions.