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We offer weekly small group tours for families during the school day to learn about our programming and meet our staff along the way! Students are welcome to attend!

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Enrollment Process

As a charter school, we accept all Pennsylvania students. There is no audition or interview required. To register or be added to a waiting list, parents must provide: a valid state identification card with photo (such as driver's license), 2 proofs of residency*, the child's birth certificate and immunization records.

Students residing in a public school district located within a 10 mile radius of Allentown School District (ASD) will be provided transportation by their home district. Students residing within Allentown School District may qualify for transportation if they live beyond the 1.5 mile boundary for walkers.

We have four classrooms at each grade level and will enroll up to 80 students per grade level. Arts Academy Elementary Charter School has an agreement with ASD regarding an enrollment cap of 350 Allentown School District students.

Students are enrolled or are placed on the waiting list in the following order:

1. Siblings of students who are currently enrolled at AAECS and who live at the same address as the AAECS sibling in Allentown School District receive first preference. If there are more siblings than openings at a grade level, a sibling lottery takes place.

2. Siblings of students currently enrolled who resided in other districts receive second preference or first preference if current enrollment has reached the enrollment cap required by Allentown School District.

3. Students who reside in Allentown School District.

4. Students from other school districts.

As classroom openings occur during the school year, families on the waiting list are contacted. 

Call 610-841-4560 or email [email protected] if you have any questions.

Lottery Update: Due to the number of pre-lottery applications (received by February 23, 2022) not exceeding the available number of seats, there was no need to hold a lottery. All applications received after February 24 are assigned a waitlist number, confirming if they are able to enroll immediately or if they need to wait for an opening.