As a public charter school, the student's home district provides transportation if the district is within a 10-mile radius of Arts Academy Elementary Charter School (AAECS). School districts are permitted to allow students to walk up to one and a half miles to a stop or school.
A Request for Transportation form must be completed in order to make these arrangements. Arts Academy ECS submits this required form to the sending district, who will then communicate the start date and time and location of the student's bus stop.  As per the school districts' regulations, students are not permitted to ride a bus other than the one that is assigned to them by the sending district, even with parent permission. 

2021 - 22 Request for Transportation (Act 372) Forms by Resident District
 The above forms must be printed, signed and returned to AAECS. Hard copies are available at the Main Office.

Transportation plan between Arts Academy Elementary Charter School and PA Children and Youth

For other questions regarding charter school transportation, please visit the following link
PA Department of Education Pupil Transportation FAQs

Daycare Transportation

There are a number of daycares that provide before and after-school care that includes transportation to and from our school. AAECS is not affiliated with any of these businesses.
Click the following link for a list of these daycares:  2021-22 Daycare List 

Parent Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Parent drop-off begins at 8:00 am. Our school day begins at 8:30 am. Parent pick-up begins at 3:00 pm. 


Arts Academy faculty serve as crossing guards at all intersections surrounding the school.
Walkers should arrive between 8:00 and 8:30 am and are dismissed at 3:30 pm.